Jax Bax, LLC

WELCOME TO OUR PRACTICE. There is a $25 fee for patients that NO SHOW for an appointment or do not give ample notice (2 hours). By creating an appointment, you agree to payment of this fee.
I apologize for the inconvenience, we are not taking MEDICARE at this time.

Choose a service to schedule

NEW patient visit (NON Medicare) - $120
On this visit, Dr. Short will perform a thorough examination and adjust via Activator Methods technique. Atlas films may be ordered.
This price is a DISCOUNTED time of service price and does not apply to those using insurance.
ESTABLISHED patient visit (NON Medicare) - $51
ADJUSTMENT ONLY. This is a 15% discount for time of service payment only.
This price does not apply to those using insurance.
Re evaluations must be done periodically. Charges vary from $20 up.
Therapies are extra - price varies from $20 up.
MEDICARE patients - $0 (call for appointment)
I apologize. We are currently NOT accepting MEDICARE.
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